Mock Caldecott

It’s funny that this is the topic for this week’s lesson because just two weeks ago I was asking Dr. Ellington if it was too late to participate in the Mock Sibert challenge.

Out of all of the mock award categories I think that the Caldecott would be my most favorite because I appreciate the illustrations of a picture book more than the text itself- if there was no picture many of the stories wouldn’t be as zany, or whimsical, or hard-hitting.

As I have said several times in my blog (I know, I know), I am not a mock teacher- I won’t have my own classroom to institute a mock Caldecott award challenge; however, if I did my main concern would be whether the kids were actually evaluating the book critically in order to come to a finite, deserving winner… But does that really matter?

The main goal of this challenge is to get students reading, to familiarize them with the different awards and their criteria, and to look at literature critically.

After viewing Mr Schu’s list of nominees for the 2016 Caldecott I want to read them ALL! But if I can only pick three…

  1. The Whisperer – just look at that artwork! And Pamela seems like a “sketch in the margins” type of person, like me.9780544416864_hres
  2. Float- I haven’t looked up any reviews or an abstract of this book- but just reading how Daniel came to draw this cover really inspires me to find out more about it. float-9781481415248_hr
  3. Night World- Again, I know nothing about this book, but the title and cover are both so magical and is that a cat I see?373342993ceed83013d107b6ee92fc1b

9 thoughts on “Mock Caldecott

  1. I loved all of the books on Mr. Schu’s list, too! Aren’t the covers on your list just totally great?

    So, you aren’t an education major? What are your plans after graduation?

  2. That is so funny you were just talking to Dr. Ellington about this! I agree The Night World does look great just based on the cover! Especially if you are a crazy cat lady 😉

  3. I also chose Float for the same reason. I think it is a wonderful reflection that the author shared. I like all the ideas about a Mock Caldecott/Newberry/Sibert. Do you think you’d do your own self-Mock Medal challenge? If you do….will you blog about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. I haven’t decided Jen, honestly I would love to, but I’m also kind of looking forward to taking a break from everything, I graduate this December!! But if I decide to read more books and do the challenge I will definitely blog about it! Thank you!

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