#IMWAYR 11/30/15


I love the week of Thanksgiving- family, friends, food, shopping for Christmas gifts, and decorating for the holidays! This year I didn’t get to go home or even have a tradition Thanksgiving meal, but I was still with the people (and cats) that I love so I am still truly thankful.

Last week got me into the spirit of reading books about Christmas and winter…Here are some of my favorites:


Francisco Jiménez celebrates the true meaning of Christmas in this true story of his own childhood. I also really like that the story is translated into both English and Spanish on each page, making it a great bilingual learning book for children of all ages.


This is an onomatopoetic story meaning that the story is told only through the sounds and the beautiful illustrations by David A. Johnson. I think this would be a great story to get younger kids thinking about the plot of a story and even to attempt writing/illustrating their own onomatopoetic story.


I have never heard that angels sing through the songs of birds, frogs, people, and crickets, but now I believe it! This is an adorable story about appreciating the smallest things in life (even crickets) and about always having self worth.


This was probably my favorite story from last week. It’s a longer one that would be perfect for a read-aloud. Plus, I love how organic little Pyn’s decorations for her tree are- acorns, berries, and real bird feathers? I wish my tree was that unique!


This is again a true story from the author’s childhood. Virginia grew up on the Rosebud Sioux Reservation and now lives in Rapid City. All Virginia wants for Christmas is a new coat, but when one comes in the church donations Virginia can’t pick it out because one, she is the priest’s daughter and two, her mother always says, “The others need it more than we do.”




8 thoughts on “#IMWAYR 11/30/15

  1. I love everything about Christmas, the music, the food, the decorations, and of course the books! All of these books look great and perfect for this time of year. I mean after all it is December (tomorrow anyway)! I might have to pick these up. Did you have a favorite out of these?

  2. What a great list of books you have here! I am always looking for new Christmas books, because we have a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve–it is always Christmas jammies, hot chocolate and fun mugs, and a new Christmas book! 🙂 Problem is, I can’t always seem to find a good Christmas book. I love the sound of all of these, though, so I will now have to go searching on Amazon for them!

    1. What an awesome Christmas tradition! Our family usually opens one big gift together on Christmas Eve such as a board game or a movie that we can all enjoy together! But I might have to propose your gift ideas for next year 🙂

  3. A Christmas Tree for Pyn looks like a very fun book with some great illustrations! And The Christmas Gift seems like an excellent story that kids can learn a lot from. Great list!

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