#IMWAYR 11/23/15


Okay, last week I was just in a random reading mood- I did not read for four hours in dedication to the Children’s Literary Awards, but I did read A LOT.

Believe it or not a lot of the picture books I picked from the shelves last week featured cats… weird (not). So, I decided I would pick a few of my favorites to share today!


This book by Karla Kuskin disappointed me, but only because the Upstairs Cat and the Downstairs Cat never became friends! The illustrations by Howard Fine are beautiful oil paintings. Both artists did an amazing job at depicting a kitty confrontation.


I loved this story about a cat and the unique relationship it has with its owner. The cat is lost and missed dearly by its owner, but when the man at the cafe shop finds the cat, he isn’t as charmed with the cat’s “bad” habits.


At first this story caused my palms to sweat- what was the man in the van going to do?! But it all worked out for everyone in the end! This is the second book that Sarah Hayes has both written and illustrated and I think she did a great job! Very colorful and detailed.


This book was created by a husband and wife from Maine to demonstrate a lesson about lending a helping hand and also to express a wacky love for cats (I can only assume). The watercolor art work really amplifies the kooky story of  Nana Quimby and her concern for the accumulating number of cats in her tree.


And my favorite book from this week… dare I say from this entire semester of reading?!  Yes! This book is all about cats- history, mannerisms, and essential advice from an expert older cat to his younger cohorts. This book reminded me of the Purina commercials “Dear Kitten.” If you haven’t seen them, they are hilarious- even if you aren’t a cat lover.


11 thoughts on “#IMWAYR 11/23/15

  1. I love cats! Haha! I think everyone should, but I know that just isn’t the case, darn it! However, I think it would take a pretty heartless person to not enjoy this week’s list of books! Children’s books AND cute cats? How could you go wrong?? 🙂 I will definitely be looking for It’s All About ME-ow now.

  2. HAHA I’m assuming you are a big cat lover!? The Cats of Tiffany Street kind of reminds me of the Aristocats! That was one of my favorite childhood movies have you ever seen it?

  3. I never saw this commercial before and I sat here in my office laughing and laughing. BRILLIANT! Thanks for reminding me how much I love It’s All About Me-ow too–I’m going to have to get it from the library to reread in the next week or two.

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