#IMWAYR 11/16/15


It’s Monday. And it feels like Monday. The entirety of last week felt like a Monday.

I did read last week, but it wasn’t anywhere near four hours- at least not the reading for this class. SOOOOO I don’t really have anything to blog about as far as my reading challenge goes. BUT I will post a blog regardless, because I know that I am not the only one who has been in this position. Sure I could blog about some other book, or make something up about a book in my current award category, or I could even give a half-assed review on the book that I am currently reading, but I think that I’ll just be honest and real with you all instead.

Last week, I had a weird flurry of assignments all due at once (isn’t it funny how that happens) and it was my boyfriend’s last week of football ever so I was really preoccupied with the supportive girlfriend roll. I spent a lot of my “free time” (and reading time) building him a scrapbook of all of his five seasons playing here and can I just add I have never scrapbooked before -it’s harder than it looks, but I think I’ve discovered a new hobby!

So, though this may not be considered an excusable absence from my school work it was absolutely worth it to me, when he opened up that book (:



11 thoughts on “#IMWAYR 11/16/15

  1. I don’t know if it’s an “excuse”….but it still sounds like you had a busy week last week. I’m sure that your boyfriend loved all the work you put into his scrapbook – and they are very hard!
    Our high school team went to state championships last Friday and WON! First time since 84! I’m a football fan…so I understand.
    Hopefully you will read something AWESOME this week!

  2. I bet most all of us have been in this position before where there’s just too much going on to do it all. I would much rather write a review on a book and put all my thought into than hurry and finish it just to make a deadline. I too get caught up in football especially my brother and boyfriend’s team. I think the scrapbook was a great idea and I’m sure it was fun to put together in the end! Hope you find some good reads this week.

  3. Hey, if there is one thing I know all to well as of late–life happens!! (You could also replace “life” with another word that sometimes feels more appropriate 😉 ) I bet your boyfriend will treasure that book forever!

    In other news, can you believe we really only have about three more weeks of classes! 3 weeks…! We can do this!!

    1. I can’t believe it! I have sooooo much to do and my reading time has suffered because of it. But tis the season for professors to pile on the projects and last minute assignments so I’m just trying to keep my head above water! Good Luck!

  4. That is such a cool idea! Dylan is done with football too and I totally understand playing the supportive girlfriend role all week! I’m sure that scrapbook was totally worth not reading!

  5. I’m sure that all of us choose to do other things before reading for this class. We will make it though! Only three weeks left!

    1. It is, but the final product is totally worth it! I think I will definitely continue to make them for special occasions and as gifts! Though I plan to listen to an audiobook while I scrap away next time 🙂

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