Reading Reflection


I have always known that I am a reader- I enjoy reading. I read for fun. I read to learn. I read. As a reader of children’s literature I have learned that just because the writing is meant for a younger audience does not mean that adults won’t get something out of it too.

As parents and as future teachers I think that it is important to read a little bit of everything so that we can make proper recommendations for children to read or to read to them. For example, maybe your child is struggling with a disability experience; you should look for a Schneider Family Book award winner.

My personal tastes as a reader change  depending on what I am reading, which sounds nonsensical, but sometimes I’ll get stuck in a YA lit rut and then I’ll read nothing but mystery dramas like novels by Gillian Flynn. I like anything in between these points of interest. I enjoy reading many different things; however if it were my choice I would pick something controversial, fast paced, and not extremely difficult. I like books that challenge me and get me thinking, but I don’t want to critically analyze every work I pick up.

I’m still trying to get into certain genres that haven’t appealed to me much such as historical fiction or fantasy.

If an author could write a book that would be perfect just for me, like I said before, it would be some sort of mystery, drama, fast paced, and controversial even- my favorite novels are the ones I cannot put down until I get to the bottom of the plot.

Reading award winning books such as the Caldecott, Newbery, Sibert, Pura Belpra, Schneider, Coretta Scott King, Golden Sower is really amazing to me because I get to see what criteria books need to have in order to be categorized into sub genres…. Before I thought children’s books were children’s books and that’s that. I really enjoy preschool through about fifth grade books the most because I feel like these are very formative years for kids, especially as readers -it’s never too early to learn life lessons or to become life-time readers. BUT early elementary is my favorite because they are just so fun (:


3 thoughts on “Reading Reflection

  1. Great post! I think you make an excellent point about why teachers should read so much. While our tastes may be narrow or broad (depending on who we are), our students are certainly going to have a diversity of interests. If we do not read many different books, how can we have an idea what to recommend to them, based on their interests? It is important for us to consider this, I think, because there will be those students who think they hate to read, but really just haven’t connected with the right book yet.

    Great food for thought!

    1. Thank you Erica! This is true not only in a teaching setting- I have several friends who like to read, but they all have completely different interests. I LOVE making recommendations to all of them so I try to read a bit of everything for them too (:

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