Finding time to read… the struggle is real

The worst way to read he said, is with the thought that you do not have enough time.

-Gabriel Josipovici

Every semester it’s the same story with me, “I have no time!” But the truth is I do have time, I just have to stick to a strict schedule in order to make the most out of my time.


I do not dedicate a full four hours to read children’s lit specifically; that, I do not have time for, but I do read over four hours throughout the week for all of my classes. I think that being engaged in some form of reading is the important thing and not necessarily what I am reading. Plus, it helps to keep my mind active when I to switch gears from literary criticism to children’s literature.

Thursdays are my day off so I typically block out a few hours on that day to go to the library and focus solely on children’s lit- finding books, reading, blogging, and managing my goodreads account.

I do get a lot of reading done in this time- anywhere from 15-30 books. I would love to read more, but I really feel the need to sit down and write about a book or reflect on the book right when I am finished reading it, because it’s easy to overlook a children’s book’s content and purpose.

To improve on my reading in this class I have created a bookbub account 6339_bb_devices_125– you create your account, tell the site your interests, and they alert you via email to limited-time free and discounted ebooks they think you would love! This way I can start reading more at home without lugging around a bag full of books. However, I also want to utilize Dr. Ellington’s personal library because I know that she has a zillion cute books stashed in her office (:

I know that I am not the only one with a job, eighteen credit hours, maintaining a household, and trying to live life SO if anyone has any tips on how they make this juggling act a little more graceful PLEASE let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Finding time to read… the struggle is real

  1. It really is tough. I’ve been so into podcasts lately that I’m struggling to listen to audiobooks on my commute. It used to be that I could read about a book a week just on audio. I think my most consistent reading time is the last 15-20 minutes before bed. I try to commit to that every day, and then on Monday I block out one hour and on either Friday or Saturday one hour. It’s not as much as I would like to be reading, but it’s enough to make sure that I’m constantly progressing on my goals.

  2. This was a problem I had while I was in school, only thing was I carried 15 credit hours, and still could not find time to read. I read during winter and summer breaks. My work hours and sometimes my school hours made it hard because I had to read for class, and I was likely tired when both were oever, so I would make a list and try to read as much as I can during the breaks. Its not much help, I know.

  3. I have the same problem! I am enrolled in 19 credit hours and it is really hard to get reading in while having homework for other classes, relationships, and still finding time to enjoy college a little. I find myself cramming everything in Sunday night… Not a good idea!! I hope the rest of the semester goes better for you as we get use to reading every week. Good luck!!

  4. I feel like I prioritize my classes in a manner that actually pushes this one aside. This, of course, always makes reading the last thing that I do. Having this habit has caused me to fall behind and completely stress myself out. I would suggest prioritizing classes better, and maybe check out more chapter books instead of 20-30 picture books. They flow a little bit easier, and then you have less to add to goodreads, and less to blog about!

    1. Holly, these have been the best tips I’ve received so far! Reading one or two books a week rather than 30 would really help out my Goodreads delimma and also I would be more apt to read at home or between classes if I didn’t have a bag full of books to lug around! Thank you so much. And good luck to you on your struggles with this class -you still have time to catch up (:

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