#celebratelu What I celebrated this week!



Well this week just happened to be my birthday week so there was an obscene amount of joy just because of that fact! Not because I’m one of those people who declares that it’s my birthday and we must all be happy, but because I have an amazing family and friends who won’t let it be otherwise!

For those of you wondering, I turned 23… I hope Blink-182 is wrong about this one! (WARNING! Not the most appropriate video, sorry!)

Anyway, I received several bottles of wine, candles, flowers, and had a lovely dinner with my dearest friends…


However, the best part of my birthday was opening my shipment of books from my Capstone project!! I don’t know if you all remember my post from about a year ago on the subject, but I’ll explain quickly:

Using the Great Plains as a backdrop and conceptual framework, my coauthor/coeditor, Mackenzie Swanson and I created a coffee table book- The Great Plains: A Collection of Works Exhibiting its Past and Perseverance. We received almost $1000 from the dean to get our book printed and we had enough copies for all of our contributors!


So… opening this box was extremely exciting to me! So many people helped on this long and painstaking project and I am so grateful! The books will be available for purchase soon through blurb books and we will be having an event at the Mari Sandoz High Plains Heritage Center very soon, so look out for that!

And finally, I contributed one hour of my reading time this week to my friend’s son, Carter. As I was reading “How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?,” Carter interrupts me and says, “I missed you so much Jaycie.”


This is what I celebrated this week (:


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