Assessing other bloggers. What to emulate in my own blog.

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The first thing that I noticed about other bloggers (not only in the #kidlitosphere) is the clever, yet informative post titles. I always go for more of an obscure catchy title, but when I look back through my archives, it’s hard to find that one post, especially without the help of hashtags or categories; which brings me to my next point.

I NEED to use more hashtags and organize my posts into more specific categories. This is how other bloggers and readers can find my blog. Which is important, not only for my stats, but also because traffic to your blog means more feedback and we all know, feedback is what makes us better writers.

Bloggers in the #kidlitosphere know the importance of a short paragraph. Posts should never be too long, but if I have a ton of information to get down into a single post, you better believe I am going to break it up a lot! Long paragraphs are not aesthetically pleasing for blog readers. Blogs should be short, sweet, and informative.

USE PICTURES. And use them with intention. If it doesn’t add to the content of the blog and is more of a distraction, just leave it out. But mostly, USE PICTURES.

I also want to emulate others’ blogs by doing a bit more research before I post, to get the best links and videos and other tools to make my blog well-rounded.

I try to make my blog sound as conversational as possible. Reading a formal blog is like reading a research paper. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Finally, I want to participate in more memes and challenges to really make my way into the blogging community. Right now I am only a blogger outside of city limits.

I’ve noticed a lot of  the blogs in the #kidlitosphere are geared more towards teaching; however, and I’ve stated this many times before on my blog, I am not a teacher nor am I going to be. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t learn something useful from these other bloggers both for myself as a reader and to pass a long to others.


2 thoughts on “Assessing other bloggers. What to emulate in my own blog.

  1. Great post, Jaycie! It definitely took me awhile to get organized with blogging and add categories and, especially, tags. Apparently tags are the key to those search engine searches that bring readers to your blog! Participating in the memes is the best way I know to get traffic. If you link to the It’s Monday community at, you will definitely get readers. The Slicers are really active too–and the Celebrate community. I love making the Top Ten lists (hosted at The Broke and Bookish) for Tuesdays but I don’t get much extra traffic to my blog for those posts. It’s just too big of a community, I think. And a big yes to photos! One of my blogging friends taught me that my posts can’t be pinned on Pinterest unless they have images, so that did get me finally being religious with photos.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the advise Dr. Ellington! I still catch myself forgetting hashtags and I’m not sure if I’m linking to the meme communities correctly but every post is good practice!

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