I am a reader

5055236689_4324d5a6c2_oMy life as a reader began at a very young age because my mother would read to me. I loved how she tried to change her voice for the different characters and always let me turn the page.

th-10Likewise, seeing my mother read on her own really made me want to read on my own too. She looked so relaxed and intrigued by her books. I wanted to feel that way.

th-9I took my reading life a bit further by going to the library in the summers for different activities and story time. I became really close with the librarians and who doesn’t remember the time they got their very own library card? I felt so grown up!

Elizabeth_Adela_Forbes_-_School_Is_Out_1889School has definitely  had a huge impact on my life as a reader. Still to this day, educators teach me how to be a better reader and why reading is not only important but really fun.

girl,painting,sleeping,book,flower,reading-d98de33061b00d2c076dbb929cb2dceb_hI can see my future as a reader too. Once I graduate I will continue to read to educate myself. I will read for my own pleasure. I will read to my children as my mother read to me. I will write for others to read and hopefully I will inspire someone to feel the same way that I do.


4 thoughts on “I am a reader

  1. It’s always interesting to me to read/hear about how others became passionate readers. In almost every case, there was an adult close to us who modeled reading. It seems that modeling reading is even more important than encouraging others to read. My mother was also always reading, and the trips we made to the library were hugely important in my reading life.

  2. I wish I was a passionate reader. I honestly never had someone to look up to that read books and was encouraging to others to read them. I did read books when I was little but not as much as I wished I had. I am trying to read more and make time to read so I can become the reader I always wanted to be.

    1. The great thing about being a reader is that it’s never too late! I haven’t read as much as I used to lately either since I am busy with required readings for classes, but I know that as soon as I get time I can start being an avid reader again 🙂 Just find something you like and go on from there!

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