An innovator’s mindset is not simply about being open to growth, but focusing on what new knowledge you can create with that growth.

Being an innovator is taking something that you learned and expanding on it. If everyone in the world was simply satisfied with gaining knowledge, then everyone would be like Einstein, but we would never have a Bill Gates…



Innovation is continuing your own education while also educating others. Everyone is unique in their ways of thinking or in their creativity, which is what makes the world keep going, growing, and developing every day.

Sometimes as learners or even educators, we have to unlearn before we can continue to learn. Sometimes you have to scrap what you already know or what you think you already know in order to become open to more knowledge. It sound confusing, but like Richardson says in “The Unlearning Curve,” unlearning is simply learning to see things differently or to at least be open to it. 6186786217_f136fd53c4_z

One statement from Couros’s “The Mindset of an Innovator” that stuck out to me was:

I share because the learning I create and the experiences I have help others. I share to push my own thinking, and to make an impact on learners, both young and old, all over the world.

A lot of the time I don’t necessarily want to share my work, because it doesn’t feel worth sharing, but even our unfinished business, brainstorms, rough drafts and mistakes can help others in their learning. Not only that, but getting feedback from those people by sharing our work helps us grow as learners and pushes us to think about how we can improve.


One thought on “Innovation

  1. Jaycie, I liked how you summed up innovation. I also struggle with feeling like my thought would be interesting to others. Especially on twitter it is hard for me to decide what to say. I find it easier to reply.

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