Angler Update

I haven’t been fishing, or tying flies, or even getting to watch fishing videos on Youtube!

The last two weeks for me have been a whirlwind of stress, panic, and complete exhaustion.


I have also learned that fly fishing will be a lifelong learning lesson for me. Not the actual fishing part, but what it teaches me about myself, Such as:

  1. The importance of having goals: I am a very goal oriented person. I keep a daily to-do list, a weekly agenda, and a monthly schedule all color coded and organized, but with fly fishing it was a more personal goal that truly made me see a change and growth in myself.
  2. Passion based learning is the coolest: Having something to be so passionate about made me want to learn more. I craved learning as much as possible as soon as possible and it really opened me up to an entirely new community of learners.
  3. Patience is key: I didn’t start out as a good angler, and by some standards I am still not a good angler, but I have learned that if you truly care about something you must have patience for it and for yourself. I have never thought of myself as a quitter, but when things have been a struggle for me I just moved on to something else where my talents would be better showcased; like moving from the business department to the English department.
  4. Taking a break is okay: Life gets messy and plans don’t work out, but that doesn’t make you a less dedicated learner when you need to change focus or check out of something for a while, because when you come back to that thing you needed a break from you will more than likely notice that you come back refreshed and more willing to learn than you were before.
  5. Learning cannot be ranked: Looking at some of the other Independent Learning projects I felt like mine wasn’t as important or maybe even as challenging, but that doesn’t matter. Independent learning can only be measured by your own personal growth and by your own standards. Whether it’s learning a new language or learning to play chess, if you are passionate about it and it makes you a better learner then it is important.

I loved sharing this small part of what I hope is a big journey for me. Fly fishing has actually brought me a lot closer to my boyfriend and family. I’ve met a lot of really cool people. I am planning a lot of cool trips. And I hope that I can transfer my love of fishing into my future writing career.


2 thoughts on “Angler Update

  1. Jaycie thank you for sharing your fly fishing experience. I enjoyed it very much. As I was reading your blog I remembered a time when my dad was fly fishing in Colorado. I was too little to learn how but I remember watching and wanting to learn. I have always thought it looked so difficult but after reading your blog I think I would like to give it a try. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I wish you all the best in your future as a teacher and writer.

  2. Jaycie, I also wanted you to know that I enjoyed your blog the most this semester. I felt you shared your experience from your heart. Also your honesty and care for the subject and audience gave your words a sincerity that drew me in as a reader. I just wanted you to know! Take Care and Have a Great Summer!

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