Life Hacks: Infographics

My life has been forever changed thanks to Karen Jensen’s article Tech Review: Online Creation Tools Piktochart and Canva. In her tech review, Jensen explains each tool, how to use it, what to use it for, and even gave examples of prototypes she created for the Serving Full T.I.L.T. (Teens in Libraries Today) series.

I can see why she quickly became obsessed with both tools. I chose to create my info graphic through Piktochart. It was unbelievably easy!

  • I just chose a template theme that related to my topic visually.
  • I changed the type to include my information and changed the colors.
  • I changed the map to feature the United States because that is where my statistics were based.
  • I changed the icon graphics to better represent my theme of fishing.

And here is the finished product:

Untitled Infographic Copy-2

I am even going to use this info graphic in a mock-up magazine publication that I am creating for my editing and design course this semester. I also plan to use the Canva tool to create my back page advertisement since Jensen recommended this tool for posters and the like as opposed to Piktochart. But both tools are going to be well used by me!

Now, the Comic Book/Strip Creation tools also reviewed by Jensen were less appealing to me because I don’t necessarily need this tool as much. However, I thought it would be awesome to create a fun cartoon for our college newspaper one day while combining it with a lifestyles piece on actual students/super heroes of our campus! I can just imagine the possibilities already! Any suggestions are welcome!

I am also considering using one of the comic book apps to feature one of my Daily Creates for this week!



6 thoughts on “Life Hacks: Infographics

  1. So glad you liked this week’s lesson! I’m really excited about these tools too. Your Piktochart looks terrific! I can’t believe how professional these posters come out looking. Not to mention elegant!

  2. I also chose to use Piktochart. I thought it was very user friendly and it created professional looking posters. I wasn’t too interested in the comic side either (mainly because I think I lost my creative bone today). Your final product looks great!

  3. I love how you took this week’s tools / lessons and immediately gave them practical usages. Pictocharts for a project, comics for the sake of a newspaper article – it isn’t just goofing off. I’m pretty leery of things like BitStrips because most people post them on FB and they mean almost nothing – I get that they’re funny, but I’m a cynical douchebag, so they usually just sort of annoy me.

    1. Haha your comments are always the best! So real! I like to think I’m a very practical person. That’s why some of the daily create challenges were so hard for me to get into. Take a picture of your breakfast…umm okay…

  4. Well, I just loved reading this post. Jaycie I felt the same way you did about this assignment. It was so helpful. Plus all of the suggested technology was so easy to use. My favorite was Pikochart Too!!!!!

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