Angler Update

So I haven’t been able to go fishing for a little while and I’ve been really busy with classes, work volunteering, graduation applications, and so on. This being said, I don’t really have anything to blog about this week which is really upsetting to me. Not only for my grade’s sake, but because it makes me feel like I am not as dedicated as I need to be. But as I tell myself in many upsetting scenarios, “Such is Life.”

Sometimes life gets in the way of what seems ideal, much like trees get in the way of my casts. I really hope to spend more time off the water learning to tie flies so that I still have material to blog about and just because I really want to learn how to tie a decent fly and experience what it’s like to catch a fish on your own fly!

Well this is hardly an interesting blog post, but I felt like I at least owed my few readers an explanation.

Here is a little blue gill that I caught a while ago. I also caught about 30 of his little friends. It wasn’t even fun after the first 12 since I didn’t even have to cast, just throw the fly out about two feet, and I would have a dozen going after it. Not the brightest little guys, but they sure are cute.



5 thoughts on “Angler Update

  1. We all get a little busy from time to time, hence the late commenting. *Sorry* But you’ll get back out there, and who knows, maybe you’ll do more than two hours of fishing this week? I mean, you may be able to make up for this last week with next week’s outing, yeah?

    1. Well this week was kind of a bust as well, but maybe I should mention I am creating a mock Fly Fishing magazine for one of my other classes that could be considered hours for my learning project in this course… I don’t know. Everyone is busy at this time of the academic year ):

  2. I know what you mean about feeling like you’re not as dedicated as you should be to your blog.I didn’t mean to skip my Tues and Wed posts this week, but life happened and I couldn’t get posts done. Next week I’ll do better, I swear!

  3. Well, your post are so packed full of information I am sure we can count one of them as two. In addition, just by posting you are connecting and teaching us about the demands fishing puts on those how take it as a hobby. Fishing is not like other hobbies which can be done inside the house etc. Fishing requires that lots of details come together perfectly. Take Heart!

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