Being Creative Every Day

This was my first week on The Daily Create challenge. I hallways went off of the weekly assignments and I sort of went back a few days if I wasn’t keen on the assignment for that day. I feel like it’s alright to take creative license in this challenge, after it was created to fuel creativity. What I learned is that I need to become more tech savvy, which I already knew, but audio, video, and the process of uploading my creates were the most challenging part of the assignments for me. Perhaps I’ll try uploading each assignment on the day it is assigned, rather than saving them all for one blog post… I’m not entirely sure what my plan is yet.

The Creates:

Monday: The Dream Staircase

Daily Create 1 copy

Tuesday: The Lesson Plan


Wednesday: The Arty Blurry Photo


Thursday: A Poem About Rain

etired men remain worried that I come,

nd they carry me on their tongues.

threat beneath a clouded mouth, and

ear by crops cry.

Friday: Audio for Poem

This cannot be downloaded to my blog without the premium plan for wordpress… And I cannot figure out SoundCloud! So if anyone has any advice on the subject I would really appreciate any help.

Saturday: Sketch of My Favorite Moment of the Week

I caught my first fish on a fly rod!!! Stay tuned for a very excitement filled post!


Sunday: Junk Mail Art

An origami pinwheel/cat toy



4 thoughts on “Being Creative Every Day

  1. Wow your daily create challenges totally kick the butt of mine. I really enjoy your artistic style, and your use of cats in just about every challenge. 🙂 A suggestion I have for you is to just tweet your audio and video challenges– saves a lot of time for me! Also, you could upload them to YouTube and then just embed the videos into your blog. Maybe a little time consuming but it would be creative for sure!

  2. Kitty photos! Kitty photos! I don’t know anything about audiofiles. Is there a tutorial at ds106? Let me poke around and see what I can find. When my students in other classes have created videos, they’ve uploaded to youtube and then embedded in their blog just like Margaret suggests. I definitely think you should take as much creative freedom as you need for the daily create challenge.

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