become a better life teacher

Basically I have learned that a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is exactly what it sounds like. A PLN is advancing your personal knowledge by connecting with others who are learning about the same thing. Like this video explains, a PLN isn’t just a process it’s using your experiences and relationships to become a better teacher and also a better learner.

There are many ways to create these networks. We are using one way right now… Blogging. Starting a blog, or even just following other bloggers and connecting through their comments is a great way to begin your  PLN.

Another great way is through the nifty hashtags on social media sites. That is how I found so many fishing experts and amateurs like myself to follow on both Twitter and Instagram. Finding these accounts then led me to find their blogs such as The Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog.

Not to mention, a majority of the accounts that I started following followed me back. PLUS some accounts in the same field of knowledge that I hadn’t even heard of yet. I even had a pretty awesome account The Fly Shack (@FlyShack) retweet one of my blog posts!

Not only are PLN important for learning, but they’re also a great way to get your name and your work out there. It’s not just about becoming a better classroom teacher, bur it’s about becoming a better life teacher. By establishing a PLN you are putting your passion-based learning out on the table for others to share in and to benefit from.

PLNs are an invitation to learn outside of the classroom to help you advance your career.


5 thoughts on “become a better life teacher

  1. I loved the video, it was catchy and a great over view. I also loved the idea of making a journal of what you learn about, I forget things A LOT so making a journal to help keep track of all these great ideas is a good way for me to remember them when once I start teaching. Great post!

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