Let’s Get Packing!

Okay, before we actually go fishing together we should do a little packing. What you pack kind of depends on the season and the location. For example, if it’s really cold you’ll obviously need a beanie, gloves, heavy coat etc. I am not a chilly day fisherwoman at all so I’ll just cover what I take on an average sunny day.

5612842793_586022659c_oFirst, you will need your rod, real, leaders, tippet, fly line, and flies. Pretty self explanatory…

No matter what time of year it is you should always wear sunscreen or bring it with you. I don’t need to rant about how awful the sun’s UV rays are for your skin and your overall health. Along these lines, I also believe that some form of hat is essential- you can’t put sunscreen on your scalp. Also, hats are a great excuse to not do your hair and to keep your hair out of your face.

Next, I always bring plenty of water and enough snacks for me and a little extra. I love bringing jerky, trail mix, fruit, granola bars, and so on. Something that’s healthy and convenient. Don’t litter!

Willy Volk

Other essentials could be a lightweight jacket to throw in your bag or to tie around your waist and bug spray- always useful.

You may want some sunglasses, but not just any old pair of Ray-Bans, anglers prefer polarized glasses to help cut glare from the water. They really do make a difference and you can get a cheap pair from any gas station.

Waders are a great item to invest in. Real anglers get out there in the wider streams and get after it. I have not taken the plunge and purchased these expensive fashion statements yet. I am just going to stick with my boots, sandals, and the shallow waters for now.


A few other tools that one might want to bring along could include: 

1. A compass- You never know how adventurous you may get

2. A pocket knife- Same reasons

3. Forceps- For removing barbs on hooks, removing hooks, etc.

4. A net- obvious reasons

5. A whistle- Just in case you wander off and fall in a ravine and need help… you never know

6. A camera- You’ll want to capture the memories. Plus, you’ll need proof for that world record rainbow trout

7. A water proof phone case- If you are taking these pictures with your phone… better safe than sorry! 

Plus, you’ll need some sort of pack or vest to put everything in. Like I said, these are just items that I usually pack, but you may need more or less. Did I forget anything?


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