Dress for the Part


Okay this post may seem a little irrelevant to some, but whenever you are participating in a certain activity I think that it is important to look the part. It’s the same principle of why we dress up for dates and dress down for picnics, you want to dress for the occasion to feel more comfortable and confident. This post is about fly fishing attire, specifically for women, because if you haven’t found out already, I am a girl. You do’t have to go out and buy $400 waders and fly fishing brand t-shirts to go fly fishing, but I feel more into the sport when I am dressed like an angler.


I am all about blue jeans. Denim is a staple for me no matter the season or the occasion. They are perfect for outdoor activities because they come in  so many styles. I love to roll up my jeans and wear them with my Teva sandals, which are designed to grip on slippery rocks and allow water to easily leak out, or I wear my pants tucked into my Hunter rain boots to wade in the water.

An alternative to jeans if the  weather is extremely warm is a nice pair of chino shorts or FullSizeRender-5cut off shorts. Whatever I wear on top again depends on the weather. If it’s really nice I’ll opt for a lightweight long sleeved top like my patagonia 3/4 zip or even a fishing t-shirt. If it’s chillier I’ll wear a flannel or a nice sweater.Now, I am always cold so a jacket is a must. I either toss a super light weight one into my pack such FullSizeRender-4as my Mountain Hard Wear or The North Face jackets.

Besides the clothes on your body and shoes, some sort of packing system might come in handy for you when fly fishing. Some people prefer vests, backpacks, or belly packs, etc. I chose a sling pack. One, it looks the most feminine and two, my boyfriend bought me one from Eddie Bauer for my birthday, which really made the buying decision easier. The sling packs allow really easy access and are small enough to stay out of your way when casting, but are large enough to hold your essentials.IMG_0200

To address the label or brand name drops, these are just brands that I have been collecting over the years from companies that create products specifically for outdoor activities. This way you know that they will serve their purpose for whatever you are doing.


4 thoughts on “Dress for the Part

  1. Jaycie! I love the fact that you are getting out there and getting dirty! I also like the fact that you know that looking good isn’t the goal for your project. It’s statistically proven that if you dress nice when taking a test, you typically do better. It gets you in the right mindset. I feel the same could be said for flyfishing. Let me know if you catch anything!

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