What’s your angle?


Do you ever get the desire to pick up a new hobby? I’ve gone through phases of cooking, embroidery, scrapbooking, and much more. Like with any new hobby one needs to do research on the avocation in order to really enjoy it. My latest obsession is fly-fishing.

Being a successful angler is not making friendship bracelets. It takes a lot of time and money to really appreciate the sport. Fortunately for me I received two fly rods and reels for  Christmas from my parents and from my boyfriend, whom of which breathes fly-fishing. Hopefully he has the time and patience to assist me in my new found love.


My plan is to blog about my research and my experience as a new angler. This not only fulfills a requirement for my Literacy in the Digital Age class, but it will help me document my progress in a new way.


6 thoughts on “What’s your angle?

  1. Jaycie,

    Kudos on starting a new “hobby!” I’m glad to hear that your boyfriend loves to fly fish and is sharing it with you-I think it’s a much easier way to learn a new hobby when you share it with someone.

    My version of fishing is watching a bobber float on a sparkly lake, on a crystal clear, warm day, at my favorite camping spot. I don’t touch the hook, the fish or the bait – that’s where my husband comes in! Bring me the fish after you’ve cleaned it, filleted it, battered and fried it. That’s it! So you see, not much learning there for me! haha

    I once went deep-sea fishing with my dad, and it was fun, but the same story – he baited the hook and removed the ugly rock fish after I caught it! oh well,…I pretty sure fishing isn’t really about catching the fish, more about the activity and relaxing away from the hubbub of daily crush.
    That’s why we go camping – mini-vacation as often as we go out! My husband I are eagerly awaiting warmer weather to get to the campgrounds! I’m not a winter camping warrior, yet, but I might one day be a snow bird! 🙂

    Good luck with this, I’ll look forward to your posts!

    Vicky D
    “Peanut Butter Theater”

    1. That was how I have always fished. Though I did bait my own hook (not fun) I would just sit in a lawn chair with a cold glass of lemonade and just wait. My boyfriend claims that this is not fishing. Fly fishing is the only “real” kind of fishing in his opinion. I have always loved camping and hiking and getting outside, but he has inspired me to take it one step further. I love sharing this with him. I’m happy that you share the same with your husband and your father! Thank you for the kind words!

  2. What an awesome idea! I hope you learn lots and I can’t wait to read about your progress! Fly fishing is something I’ve never tried, but I have done a little on the rivershore fishing. And I agree baiting my own hook=not a pleasant experience.

  3. This sounds like it should be a fun and exciting new adventure for you! I’m glad that you were able to find a ‘project’ that means not only a lot to you, but your boyfriend as well, so that you two can hopefully bond over the new learning experience! My grandpa and uncle love to hunt and fish and I’ve gone a few times, but never been all that great at it. Hopefully this goes well for you, and maybe by following your progress, I can take a few lessons myself! Good Luck!

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