Live and Learn

I have learned a lot over 23 years of living. We live and we learn, through education and simple lessons that teach us about life. We may not even realize it, but we learn something new every day; however, there are those key moments that we can look back on that are epiphanous, and that helped us grown into who we are today. I have five…

1. Not Talking


When I finished kindergarden, I was held back another year because I was deemed socially unprepared to continue on to first grade with my fellow colleagues because I never talked. At all.

2. Talking too much


When I was a sophomore in high school we were required to take speech and debate. I loved it. I could argue about anything with anyone. This however, did not make me too many friends.

3. Something changed in me


For some reason my brain decided that I am actually not an argumentative and confident person. Senior year, I started to suffer from severe social anxiety which I still grapple with every day. Just last year I decided that it was time for me to seek professional help and I believe I am making progress.

4. I changed my mind


After high school, I took a semester off even though I knew where I was going and what I was going to do. After finishing one semester at my school of choice with an established business major, I changed my mind. I decided to come to CSC and switch to a major in literature. Making the shift has been one of the best decisions and I couldn’t be happier. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my degree.

5. Learning to be independent


I have always been very attached to my family, so moving seven and a half hours away was a huge shock for me. Now I have adapted, made friends, and am living completely on my own, but I still find it a daily struggle to be so far from my three younger siblings and my parents (see previous blog post).  It has also been a learning experience to make my own decisions regarding things such as my apartment and what I’m going to spend my paycheck on. Growing up is the ultimate life lesson.


7 thoughts on “Live and Learn

  1. I have had several of these moments lately. Looking back at what has truly shaped who I am today. Great piece! Glad you are finding your way!

  2. I got held back in third grade for similar reasons. Report card always said I was well behaved, but too quiet. I had my reasons for not talking but being held but worked out for me.

    1. I wasn’t too upset when I was held back at the time, but once I got older and recognized that the class I was in before was a better fit for me, I was disappointed. My class throughout my high school career wasn’t as involved or active within the school as I would have liked and almost all of my friends were in the class above me, my original class… Sometimes holding kids back works, but in my case I wish they would have given me the chance to move on.

  3. I really loved how you structured this post, and the not talking and talking theme. I am so glad you changed your major. You’re a brilliant literature student, and it’s important to do what you love, even if it doesn’t seem marketable or practical. A path will open for you.

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