Weekly Advice: October 26, 2014

?Recently I have been having a very hard time with living in Chadron. It’s nothing against this quaint, friendly town. In fact, I love Chadron and often call it home. I live in a lovely one bedroom cottage a few blocks from campus, I work in a locally owned coffee shop, and I have amazing friends who insist on a weekly mandatory ladies night. It’s only missing one thing really… my family. I miss them every single day and feel like our monthly visit just isn’t enough anymore. I am roughly three semesters away from graduating, but each day I consider throwing away three years of hard work and money just so I can pack up my cats and move back in with my parents. Wow, it sounds even crazier writing it down.

My advice this week is for anyone struggling with making a difficult decision like mine, or even the person who can’t decide whether they should go to the gym or not: Make a list of reasons to do it!

Reasons to stay in Chadron
1. To finish my degree
2. So I can have better career opportunities
3. Therefore I can have a more comfortable lifestyle
4. To continue on the path with my long-term boyfriend
5. So I can be proud of myself
6. So my family can be proud of me
7. For the friendships I have made here
8. Because my parents have sacrificed a lot for me to be here
9. To prove to everyone who have doubted me
10. Because I am blessed to be here

So there you see, I have a pretty great list of solid reasons to continue my education in Chadron. In the end, I will have more opportunities and better options for sticking to my original plan and graduating next spring (hopefully sooner).

You could also make a list of pros and a list of cons to compare when making a similar decision. Just make sure that you are being honest with yourself when you are breaking down your lists or it will never work!

Good Luck,