5 Things I Loved This Week #celebratelu 4/12/14


It has been a loooong week, but I have so much to celebrate  from it!

1. Flowers


Since the weather has been so sporadic, I decided to bring spring inside with these beautiful daffodils. I love the way they look in this vintage hinged mason jar! Speaking of mason jars…

2. DIY  Herb Garden


So I got the mason jars from my boyfriend’s aunt who had them sitting in her barn from an auction. So, they are legit in my opinion as far as vintage goes. Then, I found the antique metal “milk crate,” as it was described in the advertisement, on http://chadrad.com. The jars fit perfectly and I really love the way it looks. I’ve seen similar project ideas on, yep, you guessed it, Pinterest. If you want to follow my “Do It Yourself” board on Pinterest, I am always pinning these sorts of projects. http://www.pinterest.com/jaycie11/

3. Nights In


When my week is bustling and I have a lot of homework I forget to relax and just enjoy what I’m doing. Requirements and deadlines shouldn’t take away the pleasure I get from reading. I love nights in where I just snuggle up with a cup of coffee and a good book. And maybe treat myself to some lemon almond biscotti. YUM!

4. New Reading Location


I invested in my first “real” sofa. It’s a chocolate brown microfiber sectional… I am very pleased with it. Some might argue that it’s too large  for the space, but I love how cozy it feels in my living room. I also live to read on the chaise lounge!

5. Playing Hooky


Speaking of new reading locations… I skipped class (I know) and enjoyed the lovely weather we were having this week. My boyfriend and I went fishing in Ft. Robinson. He caught rainbows and I caught some rays while I read by the water.

 Water  Dock

What did you celebrate this week?!


2 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved This Week #celebratelu 4/12/14

  1. Ah, that weather is just a fond memory right now. When is it going to be spring for good? I also have a couch that’s too large for my living room, but it holds 4 people, 1 pit bull, and 6 cats very comfortably, and that’s what is important.

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