The Arrival

ArrivalOh my goodness, I completely adored this graphic novel by Shaun Tan and it is by far my favorite I have read yet. The Arrival has no words at all but every page is worth 10000000 words; the beautiful Arrival 1illustrations are truly works of art and have a lot to say. The story seems to be set in a futeristic dystopian society, yet with old world elements. The protagonist is immigrating to a new country to settle in and make enough money so that his family can join him later on. He obviously doesn’t know anyone, and the land is much different than what he is used to. The city appears busier and more advanced technologically. He is also not familiar with the food, language, and customs. I don’t want to give away too much more, but this is at the top of my recommendation list for everybody to read!

Arrival 2
Is this not the cutest thing?!



3 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. Have you read his other books yet? I have Lost & Found (heavily illustrated short stories–more on the illustration, less on the words) and his Artist’s Notebook. Will bring them if you want to borrow.

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