4 Things I Loved This Week #celebratelu 3/29/14


This week went by super fast which was nice since my other weeks have been dragging on, but I feel behind on my blogging now! Either way, my quick week gave me a few things to celebrate!

1. One Day of Nice Spring Weather 


Last Wednesday was so beautiful. I started out reading on my deck in jeans, but quickly had to change into shorts because it got so hot! C’mon girls, hat’s better than getting a tan while you read?

2. My New Friend


I am sadly not allowed to have pets in my rental… yet; however, I make a lot of cat friends because I leave food outside for them. My boyfriend says I’m enabling them, I disagree. I’ve named this new pal Janet.

3. Homemade Snacks


These were a quick and delicious snack! Pillsbury crescent rolls, cream cheese, shredded cheese, bacon, and jalapeños. Roll ’em all up and bake according to the crescent roll directions.

4. Being a Barista


The best part about being a barista for me is my ability to experiment… and to copy Starbucks, but claim that mine version is “much better” because Starbucks, as we all know, is so overrated… I love trying new things and recommending them to fellow coffee addicts.

What did you celebrate this week?!


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