It’s Monday! What are you reading? 3/24/14 #imwayr




Big Head



I finally finished this book and everyone was right, it did feel like a worthwhile book after I had finished it! It is an important ya novel for several reasons that I plan to blog about soon.







This was one of the books that Dr. Ellington recommended for me and that I’ve already blogged about in that series Personalized Reading Recommendations for Jaycie PART 2. I have never read a book on this subject before in any sense and it’s really interesting, which is probably why I am almost finished with it after a couple of hours!







I read this for Contemporary Lit class and really enjoyed it. It has a dystopian fiction, fantasy element to most of the stories and focuses a lot on human emotions and wants. I am excited to discuss the rest of the stories in class.





Babi Yar This, I am reading for World Lit and it is one of those novels that I have to force myself to read each day, but once I pick it up I can’t put it down. I could talk about the inhumanity of Babi Yar, Stalin and Hitler for hours, but I’ll save it for WL class. The stories really are uncensored and the author Kuznetsov witnessed these events as a boy and wrote them in a notebook which is now the “Document in the Form of a Novel” that I am reading. He reminds  me that what I’m reading actually happened by interjecting author’s notes throughout.



CATSFinally I read this little graphic novel that I can’t get over! It is so adorable and any cat lover would appreciate how true it is. I try to keep my cat obsession somewhat under wraps, but this book is going to make me burst. Did I mention it’s adorable?! Okay, that’s all the more I can say.

What are you reading?


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