Wanted: Encouragement to Continue Reading

Big Head


Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah… What can I say about this book besides I don’t care for it. I haven’t felt like this about a book so far in this class; I don’t want to finish it.

Is it wrong to abandon a book?

I am the type of person that believes that if you absolutely do not like a book, put it back on the shelf! It isn’t a sin to leave a book unfinished and I for one do not feel guilty. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it. Our reading tastebuds can sometimes change over time and that unappealing novel might sound kind of tasty after a few months, but as of right now I am ready to spit Does My Head Look Big in This? out!

Unfortunately I can’t because this particular novel is of course required for the class… So, I need some encouragement to finish it. I have been reading a few chapters here and there for about four weeks now and I am barely halfway.

Please help. All suggestions  are welcome and appreciated!!



10 thoughts on “Wanted: Encouragement to Continue Reading

  1. I did enjoy the book, but it was not my all time favorite book. I am struggling with the same issue with Wednesday Wars. I would suggest that you set reading goals for yourself, like read a bit of the book at the time while you read other books. I don’t see the book as life altering, but I liked it because I enjoy reading books about the Muslim culture. It may be one of those books that you have to put down and come back to later. Try reading a little bit of the book at a time just to get through it first.

  2. I have yet to read that book, but I can certainly tell you, I’ve been in that boat before. And I love reading. Books are sacred to me; and my most prized possession is my book shelves over flowing with books. But the thing is, even the best readers will find books that they don’t care for. I’ve got books that I’ve abandoned before, and granted, I felt a pang of guilt the first few times. I remember talking about this in class, and I’m certain you’d be allowed to read something else in its stead?

    1. I’ve decided I will not resort to “substitution” books for the required texts on the syllabus, but otherwise I’m all for abandoning books (which I don’t do often) because there are literally billions out there so, why feel like you’ve wasted time on something you dislike?

  3. I have also found that this book is very difficult to get into and I am interested to hear what others have for suggestions. I started this book about week 4 of the course and was not into it at all! So, I am in the same boat as you… I know I need to read the book but I can’t seem to get interested in it at all! Maybe we can substitute another book for this one? Just a suggestion..

    1. I have decided I will not read any “substitution” books for those on the syllabus. I understand that we have to alter our reading goals as we go, but I just won’t feel satisfied that I met my goals if I give up on the books that are required. Although, I do believe in abandoning books on other circumstances.

  4. I don’t think it’s wrong to abandon a book, but as you’ve said, this particular book is on the required reading list. I haven’t started it myself and seeing how you can’t get into it doesn’t really encourage me to pick it up, maybe I’ll get it off the shelf this week and give it a try. I wish you luck with getting through it, maybe you just need to expand your reading stamina to finish it. Maybe if you set it down for a while and read something that interests you more would help, or maybe not. I just hope you and I can get through it without too many reading injuries.
    By the way, I like how you say that our ‘reading taste buds’ can change. That’s a very interesting way to put it!

    1. Thank you! This boo isn’t very tasty but I hope you find it more appetizing than me 😉 I understand the importance of the story, but I don’t know… It’s not interesting enough. Good luck to you as well!

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