What I’ve Been Reading

I read quite a bit this week, several texts being graphic novels, but I wont mention those here… Yes, they are being used as fuel for another blog. Here are a few YA titles that I read this week:

BombFirst off, I finished Bomb. I can’t believe how absorbed I became in this book! I mean, we all know what’s going to happen by the end of the story, but through the character development and the way Steve Sheinkin presents the plot I could not put this book down. A “Must Read” for the history nut… or for the non-history nut.

First LastAngela Johnson’s The First Part Last was an extremely quick read for me. My prediction of what happened to Feather’s mother was completely wrong. It was a great story about taking responsibility and doing the right thing. It was also a love story on several levels. I definitely think that this is a book for a high school classroom library!

Forgive Me

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock is a hard novel for me to recommend to others, but at the same time I want everyone I know to read this story! After I finished it, reading it on and off in a day’s time, it caused me to have a strange feeling that I couldn’t explain. I wanted to put it down several times, but I also couldn’t force myself to put it away whenever I had to. You’ll want to jump into the pages and shake Leonard by the shoulders, but through sympathy, you’ll also try to justify something that is nearly impossible to justify. Like I said… hard to explain!

Have you read any of these novels??


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