YA Readers: Where’s the Hunger?

Book Love

In Penny Kittle’s Book Love, she shares with us her personal experience as a teacher with individual readers or should I say non-readers. She says they were “Nice students, not defiant, just not interested.” Why?

  1. These students were not reading at their level
  2.  The material they were reading was not entertaining to them
  3. The books they were assigned were “written by adults for adults”
  4. They don’t have time

“If school reading is like boot camp, we’ll lose readers.”

It’s not that the typically assigned classic novels aren’t important, but if a student is not ready for reading of that complexity they will get nothing from it and furthermore they won’t do anything with it. Hence the no reading…

Where is the Hunger? We must cultivate it.

Teenagers want to read – If we let them.

If a young adult got to read what they wanted to read, at their level, they would make time for it. And eventually they will advance levels at their own pace to challenge themselves and to engage more with what they are reading.

Penny Kittle wants to build stamina in her students so they CAN read the classics when it is the right time.

“What our students read in school is important; What they read the rest of their lives is more important.”


2 thoughts on “YA Readers: Where’s the Hunger?

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Kittle’s reading so far. I find that she has attacked the problem of adolescents not reading, and I am so glad we get to read her ideas. I am looking forward to reading her solutions to this reoccurring problem.

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