It’s Wednesday! What are you reading?


Yes I took this meme hostage and forced it to live on the most boring day of the week…



Madame Bovary

I am a few pages away from finishing Gustave Flaubert’s romantic-realistic story of Madame Bovary. Although I am completely uninterested in a majority of the characters and Flaubert’s writing style can be a bit tedious, I am proud to say that I have read every single page and haven’t given up on this one. However, Madame Bovary has caused me to need a bit of relief from this laborious reading…



John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars!!! I don’t even know what to say about this beautiful book. I loved absolutely everything about it. I was crying by the third chapter and I couldn’t put it down the entire day. I felt physically pained when I had to go to work that afternoon with only fifteen pages left.  I can’t even form a thought to describe how wonderful this book is… Just read it!


Bomb by Steve Sheinkin is a very quick read, yet it’s so packed with accurate historical information. I am not a history girl and yet this book is truly fascinating to me. I read over half of it in one night. A great YA book to get students interested in learning more about historical events!

Willful Creatures

Hmm… not really sure what to say about this contemporary selection of short stories, but not for the same reasons as The Fault in Our Stars. Willful Creatures by Aimee Bender is interesting to say the least. The first story left me with a disturbed feeling, but after pushing aside the strangeness I actually came to the conclusion that I liked it. So I kept reading and each story highlights a person or persons who are flawed, selfish, lonely and willful creatures.

Book Love

Penny Kittle’s Book Love has been teaching me a bit more about the reluctant teenage reader, the reasoning behind the reluctance, and what teachers/ adults can do to change this. She also goes into depth about the importance of creating lifelong readers, when students are young, for future success. My previous post goes into this book a little more.


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