Feeling like The Blonde of the Joke

The Blonde of the Joke

Am I missing something? Because I don’t get the punchline of this novel? It definitely didn’t end up how I thought it would and Bennett Madison did not bother filling me in or tying up the loose ends.  There was so much ambiguity in this story… granted it was probably unimportant to the overall plot, but it distracts the reader and takes away from the novel’s overall effect… or maybe that’s the effect he was going  for all along. See confusing.

Besides that, the writing was really strong and the descriptions of scenes and characters were very clear.

Val is the brunette wallflower until the fearless blonde Francie chooses her to be her partner in crime- literally. The two shoplift their way through the mall on the hunt for their “Holy Grail”. At first this seems like a talisman they need to cure Val’s dying brother, but as the journey continues it becomes something much more. As Val is transformed with the help of Francie, she is no longer scared of anything and starts to shine. She even becomes a blonde.

“When it comes to that kind of girl- the kind of girl who doesn’t need a name, the kind of girl who was me- the requirements are loose. Maybe certain criteria are not exactly set in stone. It’s a type, but there are variations. There are misinterpretations. For instance, it’s possible that people just think she’s a slut, even though she’s never actually gotten down with anyone at all.”

This novel deals with friendships, real-life family issues including the loss of a loved-one, moral lessons, finding ones identity, and a lot more than what appears on the surface.


2 thoughts on “Feeling like The Blonde of the Joke

    1. Thank you Mackenzie! This book was a bit frustrating as you read, but I think I would still recommend it… Even if it was just to get a perspective from someone else. Maybe they could answer some of my questions!

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