The Difference Between Readers and Non-Readers…

Readers Have Plans!

What is my reading plan or goals for my Adolescent Literature class this semester? Well, if this was the only course I was taking this semester and I didn’t work part time and have somewhat of a social life (somewhat being the key word here), I would absolutely aspire to read at least one young adult novel a day and then blog about it like it was my job!

Unfortunately I do have three other classes this semester that also entail quite a bit of reading as well. So, I have to come up with a more realistic, efficient plan to make all of my required, and not so required  reading an achievable goal.

photo(4)  photo(4) photo(4)

  The Plan

  • Read at least three novels from the required reading list a week until…
  • I receive my personalized, “Dedicated to Jaycie Cheatham,” customized reading list from Dr. Ellington…
  • Then once I have gotten through most of those books I will try to research more novels I might enjoy that are by the same author or include similar content through Pinterest, Goodreads, and Twitter suggestions etc.
  • I want to discover more blogs/bloggers not only pertaining to young adult literature
  • Make Blogging become a necessary part of my daily life; as much as let’s say eating


I don’t necessarily want to become a teacher, or at least I never thought I wanted to, but after only being in this classroom for two days my career  plans are being swayed… Sometimes learning isn’t “fun” for young adults,especially reading and sometimes it’s because the ways they are receiving instruction isn’t “fun.”

I am curious to see what the books on the syllabus have to offer in comparison to typically assigned, classic novels in high schools and what books I can find on my own that teach something that would be important to young adults, or anyone for that matter.


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Readers and Non-Readers…

  1. You are ambitious! I like to do the #bookaday challenge over winter break and summer break–but a lot of my daily books are picture books! I finished your personalized Jaycie recommendation list today. It was fun to put together. I really love reading blogs. What other interests do you have that you might like to read about? Because I read so many teaching/reading/lit blogs, I limit my “other” category to cooking blogs. Otherwise, I think I would do nothing except read blogs!

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